Why Choose Cadent 3?

Outstanding Fluidic Performance

When it comes to the reliability and control needed for precise and accurate analysis in analytical, biotechnology, and diagnostic instrumentation, Cadent 3 syringe pump is one smooth operator.

With its advanced micro-stepping capabilities and resolution of up to 24,000 half-steps, only the Cadent 3 syringe pump can smoothly capture information down to 1 μL/min (with a 1 mL syringe) and has adjustable flow rates down to 0.008 μL/min. It also delivers sustained premier performance on precision and accuracy throughout its lifetime. Finding the right fit for your needs starts here.

Smarter, More Advanced Control

The Cadent 3 syringe pump’s superior technology allows for faster bench testing, smarter serviceability, and easier integration.

This best-in-class syringe pump was designed with a boosted encoder for optimum valve alignment for minimal flow turbulence and assured dispense volume. What’s more, its smart diagnostics allow for programmable troubleshooting and built-in error logs, while our unique interactive graphic user interface makes benchtop testing a sophisticated and user-friendly experience. Finding the right fit for your needs starts here.

Flexible Configurations

Choose which Cadent 3 syringe pump configuration is right for your instrumentation.

Fluid Performance Like You’ve Never Experienced Before

Its innovative, customizable design delivers an optimal fluidic system experience for your analytical, biotechnology, and diagnostic instrumentation at significantly lower cost of ownership. Now that's something you can get excited about.